Summer is in full swing and many people are profiting from the great weather and bright sunshine for outdoor pursuits. Do not know that summer offers them a distinctive opportunity to freshen up their decor.
Yes it’s true, the summertime provides us a chance to do some fast and affordable interior decorating to liven up our houses. Vibrant colors, breezy fabrics and blossom flowers are the basics of a simple winter decoration. Among the simplest and most cost efficient ways to make an impact is by the addition of flowers. I urge fresh cut, colored flowers either from your very own garden or from the local florists.
Put them in a light and sober vase, avoid heavy, black or black vases and allow the blossoms take centre stage. Placement should be casual and on table/counter tops to ensure the flowers are always visible. Consider the foyer, kitchen, bedroom and bath room as prime locations. It’s no secret that color has an effect on our moods and plays a large role in any decor. These are sure to raise levels of energy and lift your mood. A terrific way to do that is with small accessories like throw pillows and table runners. These are things that are available at any home shop and might be needed for as little as a couple dollars each.
Last, but not least, consider altering your drapes. Forget about these dark heavy drapes, rather think light, translucent drapes which will allow sunlight and light breezes to your house. A light airy curtain may transform your house. Consider all the extra sun and those beautiful summer breezes blowing a breath of clean air to your house. Take benefit of the nice weather as it won’t last forever.