As 2020 is here, specialists are continuing to project the trends which will stay from 2019 and the new ones which will emerge from 2020. The design space is different, and pros discussed with AZ Big Media to share what innovations and thrilling design ideas are poised for big years in the year ahead.
Subway Tile. From kitchen shields to the bathroom flooring, there is nothing that brings on the urban vibrations like subway tiles. But 2020 forgoes the fundamentals and elevates this tendency to its cousin. Meet the mother of pearl subway tiles, the more glossy version that adds instant dazzle to any room.
Mother of pearl accents has the same effects on your space as a pair of pearl earrings elevating a small black dress. This allows the creation of visual interest without committing to vibrant palettes by upgrading the luster factor. Open Shelving. With regards to kitchens, 2020 is about casual, simple design, which is the reason open shelving is here to remain. The trend of the last years is still undergoing a moment in design, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Elect for shelves, in a different tone from your own kitchen closet and keep the aesthetics on a glossy spectrum.
Next: fashion shelves with a cohesive collection of bamboo wood bowls, handmade ceramics, and cups in a palette of shades. Classic Blue. The official color for 2020 is the purest type of classic blue, and the interior design world definitely took notice. From accent walls to furniture pieces that are matte and from stripes to accent china, classic blue is. PANTONE defines the trending shade: Instilling serene, confidence, and link, this resistant blue hue emphasizes our desire to get a steady and dependable base to build on as we cross the threshold to a brand new era.’